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Paul J. Morris mole at MORRIS.NET
Mon Mar 6 17:13:35 CST 2006

On Mon, 6 Mar 2006 10:29:13 -0800
Brian Brown <BBrown at NHM.ORG> wrote:
>         The problem with this solution is that catalogers are faced
>         with
> names like "Aus bus Smith & Jones in Smith, Jones, & Davis, 2006".

   That is not a problem, it is simply an example of the relativly rare,
but valid case of the authorship string for a taxon name not matching
the authorship string for the referende in which that name was created.
A query on Gary Rosenberg's Western Atlantic Mollusk database finds 2
out of 6170 names in current use (about 0.03%) and 11 out of 9291
Synonyms/Chresonyms/Homonyms (about 0.1%) having been erected in a paper
which has different authors from those of the name.  Dates in this case
range from 1819 to 1961.  Rare cases like this are a standard part of
the complex landscape of biodiversity informatics.

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