Textbook for a course in phylogenetic systematics

Torbjørn Ekrem Torbjorn.Ekrem at VM.NTNU.NO
Tue Mar 7 08:56:21 CST 2006

Hi Tanya,

we have had a similar problem for our course here in Trondheim, and have
not yet found a textbook which covers all aspects of biological
systematics that we wish to include (nomenclature, cladistics, molecular
evolution). Thus, we ended up using parts of several textbooks. You
might want to have a look at the following texts for general and more
detailed introductions on the subject of systematics and parsimony. For
a decent treatment of molecular evolution and model based phylogenetics
you will need to look somewhere else though (there are several text
books that cover this subject)...

Peter Skelton & Andrew Smith. 2002. Cladistics, a practical primer on
CD-ROM. Cambridge University press. ISBN: 0-521-52341-9

Randall Schuh. 2000: Biological Systematics, Principles and
applications, Cornell University Press, 236p. ISBN: 0-8014-3875-3

Good luck with your course


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Tatyana Livshultz wrote:

>I will be teaching a course in phylogenetic systematics to biology majors,
>most of whom are probably completely naive of phylogenetic methods. I
>think it would help them a lot to have a textbook, but other than
>"Cladistics" by Kitching et al., I'm unaware of any. I specifically want a
>textbook, not a cookbook nor a reference book. I'll post a summary of all
>responses to the list.
>Thanks for your help.
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