Textbook for a course in phylogenetic systematics

B.J.Tindall bti at DSMZ.DE
Tue Mar 7 10:05:21 CST 2006

Being a dynamic area some of the most interesting ideas are in the current
literature. In the case of protein and DNA sequence evaluation and access
to total genomes try:

Phylogenomics: the beginning of incongruence? (paper in press)

At 08:56 07.03.06 +0100, Torbjørn Ekrem wrote:
>Hi Tanya,
>we have had a similar problem for our course here in Trondheim, and have
>not yet found a textbook which covers all aspects of biological
>systematics that we wish to include (nomenclature, cladistics, molecular
>evolution). Thus, we ended up using parts of several textbooks. You
>might want to have a look at the following texts for general and more
>detailed introductions on the subject of systematics and parsimony. For
>a decent treatment of molecular evolution and model based phylogenetics
>you will need to look somewhere else though (there are several text
>books that cover this subject)...
>Peter Skelton & Andrew Smith. 2002. Cladistics, a practical primer on
>CD-ROM. Cambridge University press. ISBN: 0-521-52341-9
>Randall Schuh. 2000: Biological Systematics, Principles and
>applications, Cornell University Press, 236p. ISBN: 0-8014-3875-3
>Good luck with your course
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>Tatyana Livshultz wrote:
>>I will be teaching a course in phylogenetic systematics to biology majors,
>>most of whom are probably completely naive of phylogenetic methods. I
>>think it would help them a lot to have a textbook, but other than
>>"Cladistics" by Kitching et al., I'm unaware of any. I specifically want a
>>textbook, not a cookbook nor a reference book. I'll post a summary of all
>>responses to the list.
>>Thanks for your help.
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