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David Remsen dremsen at MBL.EDU
Wed Mar 8 14:34:19 CST 2006

Doug:  We have such a SOAP service that operates in conjunction with
the botanical name abbreviations and we are already using it in our
taxonomic name recognition algorithms.  We also have an input
interface to this service for people who would want to add or manage
data there.   It is currently predominantly botanical authors but we
are working on adding zoological authors now.  We are assembling a
set of zoological author mappings derived from Nomenclator Zoologicus
and Index Animalium but it's still external to the service.  There
are over 100,000 records in place and I think we will double it or
more with the zoological authors.

The Author Abbreviation Resolver is located at

is an example of some zoological authors in the database.  It may
look like you can edit but unless you are logged in it won't save.

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On Mar 8, 2006, at 2:17 PM, Doug Yanega wrote:

> Hi. I notice that there are various websites that give complete lists
> of the abbreviations for botanical authors, but there appear to be no
> such resources for zoological names. I can find archived mentions of
> the 1998 "Nomina Auctorum" being available online, but none of those
> links appear to function now. Is there really no online resource to
> decipher abbreviations for author names in zoology?
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