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Spies, Martin spies at ZI.BIOLOGIE.UNI-MUENCHEN.DE
Thu Mar 9 09:52:56 CST 2006

Apologies for cross-posting.

Christian Thompson wrote:

>the need for author names. These, despite what some people think are NOT part of scientific names in Zoology.
Right as far as ICZN-regulated nomenclature is concerned, but - little
as supporters of the Code may like it - this cannot simply be equated
with right in all of zoology.

>No real information value.
Just plain wrong, as the previous replies in this thread have shown.

Do you seriously want to propagate that every "NEW" name label in
pre-2000 publications carries real information value, but authorship
(and date) data don't?
(TAXACOM readers not subscribed to the ICZN discussion list: The first
part of the preceding sentence refers to claims Dr. Thompson made on the
ICZN list.)

I must say that I don't find it conducive to the stability of
nomenclature or to greater acceptance for nomenclature as an essential
element of biological science if supposed supporters of those causes
drift off into parallel or even diverging universes like this, and may
be even 'sell' such personal opinion as official gospel to the less
informed and unsuspecting public.


Martin Spies
c/o Zoologische Staatssammlung Muenchen

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