Palm pilots - possibly a better usage

Anita F. Cholewa chole001 at UMN.EDU
Thu Mar 9 07:50:36 CST 2006

Sorry I'm coming in the middle of this conversation but with respect to
the public and online interactive keys ... our experience (woody tree
key of Minnesota - ) if it's
not simple to use they'll leave the site quickly.  If there's too much
introductory information, the public won't even get to the key.

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christian thompson wrote:

>Yes, Tim, I would like to see the public embrace interactive keys/ software.
>But having produce one (fruit fly expert system [INTKEY] now also in LucID, go to
>I am sorry to say after 8 years the Public has not come to my door the way they reacted to Paul Hebert's DNA barcodes.
>Earlier I named a new species after Bill Gates, but no response either.
>So, sadly I not sure what we, as a community, need to do to promote our science as we see it. All I can tell you is what has failed.
>Oh, well ...
>>>>"Timothy M. Jones" <TPolonski at ADELPHIA.NET> 03/09/06 08:11AM >>>
>    Curious if you think the public or taxonomy will ever embrace
>interactive keys/software?   Seems to me that this technology may give
>taxonomy the boost it needs.

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