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Maybe part of the reason for a slow embrace of interactive keys is an
underestimation by the producers of such keys regarding the degree to
which the product needs to be marketed with hands-on training in local
and national settings.  DELTA in its earlier versions was difficult to
learn without assistance, but it became widely embraced in Australia and
eventually other parts of the world.  Its embrace in Australia (in part)
was because in-depth training sessions were held to introduce people to
the technology.  A caveat to those who write software for the keys;
making them too complex may turn away taxonomists from potentially
buying the product for their own use.

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Sorry I'm coming in the middle of this conversation but with respect to
the public and online interactive keys ... our experience (woody tree
key of Minnesota - ) if it's
not simple to use they'll leave the site quickly.  If there's too much
introductory information, the public won't even get to the key.

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christian thompson wrote:

>Yes, Tim, I would like to see the public embrace interactive keys/
>But having produce one (fruit fly expert system [INTKEY] now also in
LucID, go to
>I am sorry to say after 8 years the Public has not come to my door the
way they reacted to Paul Hebert's DNA barcodes.
>Earlier I named a new species after Bill Gates, but no response either.
>So, sadly I not sure what we, as a community, need to do to promote our
science as we see it. All I can tell you is what has failed.
>Oh, well ...
>>>>"Timothy M. Jones" <TPolonski at ADELPHIA.NET> 03/09/06 08:11AM >>>
>    Curious if you think the public or taxonomy will ever embrace
>interactive keys/software?   Seems to me that this technology may give
>taxonomy the boost it needs.

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