abbreviations for author names

David Remsen dremsen at MBL.EDU
Thu Mar 9 14:41:28 CST 2006

Dear Mary:  We do note which ones indicated a referential work
because that was part of our second question which was to see if
effort was made to provide source identification references, specimen
references, or other means to link to a conceptual definition.  This
occurs far less frequently overall (< 4%) but I haven't cross-
referenced this with the authorship citation.   Many journals make
overtures such as linking names to ITIS but this appears too often to
be an automated process.  Many links have no ITIS representation and
go nowhere and, although I noted when it occurred, I don't personally
consider this an explicit identification reference.

On Mar 9, 2006, at 2:24 PM, Mary Barkworth wrote:

> Did you note which of the one's not giving authors' names indicated a
> particular work or works that were used for identification and/or as a
> source of names? If people merely copy the citation from a flora or
> fauna, it is somewhat misleading (though standard practice) to cite
> authors of names - one has not checked the original paper. But I shall
> conform to the standards in my field - it is not worth worrying about.
> Mary

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