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George (Buz) Wilson buz at MAIL.USYD.EDU.AU
Sat Mar 11 09:59:21 CST 2006

Dear Colleagues

Although we do not have official positions descriptions, we have been told
that three scientist positions will open at the Australian Museum (Sydney
Australia) in the near future. These positions will be advertised for only
a week or two so quick action by potential candidates is essential.

We have been advised that 3 positions will be available as follows:

1. a terrestrial vertebrate molecular biologist/geneticist with experience
in several classes of vertebrates. This will be either a 3 year contract
or a permanent position.

2. two invertebrate morphological systematists/taxonomists (non-hexapod),
one 3 year contract and one permanent position.

Two malacologists and an arachnologist retired in the last year, although
we can expect that anyone who can do research in the Museum's collection
strengths will be considered (other than in insects). In this broad area,
we currently have two active carcinologists, one polychaete specialist,
one centipede specialist, one invertebrate molecular biologist.

Previous experience indicates that the successful candidates will enter the
staff as Scientific Officers, with the opportunity to upgrade their
position after a year to the Research Scientist series after being
reviewed by a state scientific review board.

If you are potentially interested in applying for these jobs, please watch
this website -
so that you can react quickly when the advertisement appears. The
advertisements will also appear in Australian local media.

All queries about these positions should be directed to
Dr Brian Lassig, Research Branch Head, email: brian.lassig at

As I have not seen the advertisements or position descriptions, I do not
have further information other than what is in this message.

Ladies & Gentlemen, start your CV engines....

Buz Wilson

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