Reclassifying Viruses as Living?

Gordon Ramel g.ramel at EARTHLIFE.NET
Thu Mar 16 02:23:50 CST 2006

While I cannot claim to be a professional taxonomist, I have always
thought that the problem is not, where do we draw the line between life
and non-life, but why do we want to draw the line.  We humans tend to want
to catagorise the world into a series boxes, but we know, when we look
closely that these boxes are only constructs of our own minds, in reality
nature does not have any boxes, just inumerable continuums which, although
the representation may be thinner in places, facilitating our
compartmentalisations, are generally not broken, especially once you start
to consider things from a 4D point of view.  Once you get into the habit
of considering the universe as a single whole structure in a state of
dynamic flux and learn to see the flows rather than trying to pinpoint
moments of stability to build your understanding on the whole thing
becomes much more comprehensible.

                 Gordon Ramel

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