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Michael Sharkey msharkey at UKY.EDU
Fri Mar 17 15:21:33 CST 2006

Dear all,
       Below is an announcement for lab technician in my (insect 
systematics) laboratory. It is a small word file. Please forward to anyone 
that may have an interest.
Thank you,


Michael Sharkey
Department of Entomology
S-227 Ag. Sci. N.
University of Kentucky
Lexington KY 40546-0091
Tel (859) 257-9364
Fax (859) 323-1120
email msharkey at uky.edu

Position Announcement

Technician­The Hymenoptera Institute, Department of Entomology, University 
of Kentucky.

LOCATION –University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky.

EFFECTIVE DATE – Screening of applicant’s materials is effective 
immediately (March 20, 2006), and will continue until the position is filled.

SALARY –$ 27,711.00 /yr with Benefits.

RESEARCH TECHNICIAN.  Dr. Michael J. Sharkey at the University of Kentucky 
is seeking a highly organized individual to fill a 2-year position, with 
encouragement of renewal. The position is funded, in part, for the 
Hymenoptera Assembling the Tree of Life project (National Science 
Foundation, EF-0337220).

             The successful candidate will focus on the goals of the Tree 
of Life project for the Hymenoptera, which aims to elucidate the phylogeny 
of this incredibility diverse order.  Primary responsibilities include web 
site development, organization and imaging of specimens, lab maintenance, 
and generally focusing on the goals of the project.  Other responsibilities 
include managing undergraduate employees, collaborating with other members 
of the Hymenoptera Assembling the Tree of Life Project, and interacting 
with graduate students.  Individuals with an undergraduate degree and a 
biology background will be considered.  Skills valuable to the position 
include; web design (HTML, CSS, some php), experience with imaging and 
imaging programs, knowledge of Hymenoptera morphology, and experience in a 
molecular lab (We don't expect to find anyone with all of these qualities.).
             Our project goal is to construct a large-scale phylogenetic 
analysis of the Hymenoptera, an insect order that encompasses approximately 
10% of the species diversity of life. Approximately 115,000 species have 
already been described and estimates for the total number of species range 
up to 2.5 million. Further project information, list of collaborators and 
project proposal may be found at 
<http://www.hymatol.org/>http://www.hymatol.org.  Interested candidates 
should send a letter of interest and introduce themselves via e-mail to: 
Dr. Michael J. Sharkey 
(<https://ukmail1.uky.edu/w?OR.DDM.Z4FX-vQ.ECJEg.CBv.CQgE.J+msharkey@uky.edu>msharkey at uky.edu).  

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