Delta first

Timothy M. Jones TPolonski at ADELPHIA.NET
Mon Mar 20 11:14:52 CST 2006

I agree that the progression should be Delta and then Lucid as Delta
allows for greater data interpretation thus aiding in additional
discovery during  the writing process  However,  a crucial thing to
remember is that the software made available to translate one format to
the other- can be frustratingly  limiting.  Dependencies, characters
that contain over 15 states (such as typical range data), text
characters,all images and notes are_  /lost/ in the conversion process_.
    Lucid 3.3 does support over 15 character states however, so save
these steps for after the translation. Thereby avoiding  the extra
steps/precious time required for the laborious re-creation of what was
already completed.
Guilty of everything typed above,

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