Petition to the ICZN Commission.

Denis Brothers Brothers at UKZN.AC.ZA
Tue Mar 21 10:32:00 CST 2006


This issue was discussed recently on the ICZN listserv. To my mind
there is no nomenclatural reason to prohibit people from making
themselves look self-important and thereby lose the respect of
colleagues, so I don't think an Article, or even a Recommendation, is
appropriate. Perhaps it could be added to the Code of Ethics.


>>> Robin Leech <releech at TELUSPLANET.NET> 2006/03/20 06:48 PM >>>
Sorry, I forgot to enter this information.

I think a petition to the Commission of the ICZN
should be made, either as a suggestion for an Article,
or a Recommendation.

And the suggestion is that you cannot name a species
after yourself.  That is, you cannot be an author of
a paper wherein a specis is named after you.

Robin Leech
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