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Most SEM's will "false color" objects when so desired. I would have
to look at my manuals, but I seem to recall SEM false coloration can
be based on several factors (composition, reflectivity, etc.)
according to the receptors being used (backscatter, SE, VPSE, etc.).
These are not the true colors of the object and based on what little
I know (or remember) of the physics, I do not believe it is possible
to get true colors, so some may use creative Photoshopping.

>Changing the recent threads abruptly, I am wrestling with a problem
>I'm sure others have dealt with.  One often sees former black/white
>photos reproduced in various science magazines in blazing color, esp.
>SEM & TEM photos.  I assume this is done with Photoshop in some way.
>Can someone give details on how this is done?
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