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Some people color monochrome (grayscale) SEM or TEM photos in Photoshop (or
similar) to emphasize a certain structure of interest, or just because it
looks artistic. There are different ways to colorize a black and white
photo, and maybe there are specialized software for this purpose.

A researcher at the University of Hawaii, Tina Carvalho does some nice
artistic colorizations of SEM and TEM micrographs colorized in Photoshop:

My two cents.


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> Taxacomers:
> Changing the recent threads abruptly, I am wrestling with a problem
> I'm sure others have dealt with.  One often sees former black/white
> photos reproduced in various science magazines in blazing color, esp.
> SEM & TEM photos.  I assume this is done with Photoshop in some way.
> Can someone give details on how this is done?
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