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Paul et al.

Year's ago I used NIH Image to put false colours on SEMs.  It worked
by allowing the use to change the colour table for the image, so that
instead of going from black to white through the grey scales, it
would allow you to go from (say) red to blue through the colours of
the rainbow.  You could then scroll the colour table so that it would
start (assign to black) any colour you want.  I think that will give
you enough freedom to do what you want.  There were different colour
tables to assign, so there were lots of pretty effects you could do.

I see that you can still get NIH Image at the following URL (it's
free, and it a Mac program, and also there is a Java version):

As I say, it was years ago (perhaps late 1980s - early 1990s) that I
was doing this, but I'm sure it is still possible with that program
and from memory it was easy.

Cheers, David.

On 25/03/2006, at 8:56 AM, Fabio Moretzsohn wrote:

> Paul
> Some people color monochrome (grayscale) SEM or TEM photos in
> Photoshop (or
> similar) to emphasize a certain structure of interest, or just
> because it
> looks artistic. There are different ways to colorize a black and white
> photo, and maybe there are specialized software for this purpose.
> A researcher at the University of Hawaii, Tina Carvalho does some nice
> artistic colorizations of SEM and TEM micrographs colorized in
> Photoshop:
> My two cents.
> Fabio
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>> Taxacomers:
>> Changing the recent threads abruptly, I am wrestling with a problem
>> I'm sure others have dealt with.  One often sees former black/white
>> photos reproduced in various science magazines in blazing color, esp.
>> SEM & TEM photos.  I assume this is done with Photoshop in some way.
>> Can someone give details on how this is done?
>> PEH
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