Nomenclator Zoologicus Volume 9 - errors in author names

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Dear Frank et al.:

Yes, presence or absence of accents in authors' names is a constant 
problem, and both forms are present in NZ for many authors including 
Jäch.  Likewise, the differing transliteration systems used for non-Roman 
alphabet names, e.g., there are as many as 5 different spellings in NZ for 
the names of some Russian authors!  The names were often taken as provided 
in a given publication, not checked and standardized.  Just more potential 
problems for NZ users to be aware of (in addition to the truncation of some 
Vol. 9 names that I pointed out and Chris confirmed).


At 02:43 AM 25/03/06, Frank Krell wrote:
>Ja 1994 should be Jach 1994
>Well, it should even be Jäch, or if umlauts are too much for Naeve, it 
>should be Jaech.
>Neglecting umlauts is like neglecting te th, or calling te autor of te 
>nomenclator Nave: It is simply an orthographic error and changes the 
>pronunciation of the name, in the present case not only of the umlaut 
>itself but also of the following ch. Particularly in a printed book, 
>neglecting diacritical marks is unnecessary and awkward.
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>Dear Nomenclator Zoologicus users:
>I just happened across a curious problem with many generic names in Vol. 9
>of the printed version of Neave's Nomenclator Zoologicus, particularly for
>names dated 1992-1994, which is faithfully carried over into the online
>version of the Nomenclator at:
>Specifically, many of the names of authors are truncated, with the last 1-2
>letters chopped off.  Some examples (there are multiple generic names for
>Erw 1994 should be Erwin 1994
>Ja 1994 should be Jach 1994
>Morro 1994 should be Morrone 1994
>Perki & Balfour-Browne 1994 should be Perkins & Balfour-Browne 1994
>Spring & Goodri 1994 should be Springer & Goodrich 1994
>Wa 1992 should be Watt 1992
>etc. etc.
>the winner: Declinia "Nikits Lawren, Kirejtsh & Gratsh 1993" should be
>Nikitsky, Lawrence, Kirejtshuk & Gratshev 1993!
>The problem seems to start at about 1990 and become worse until about half
>of the 1994 authors have truncated names.  So, if you use the Nomenclator
>to check a generic name and the author name(s) look funny, and it dates to
>the early 1990's, check the generic name on Google and you will usually
>find the correct full author name (but occasionally Google will find the
>truncated author name because the data were extracted from the Nomenclator!).
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