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Richard Petit r.e.petit at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Mon Mar 27 18:01:58 CST 2006

Dear Frank:

I agree with you 100% that authors' names should be cited as they used them.
Anything else, such as a variation used by the author, change in name as the
author committed matrimony, etc., are bibliographical and should be attended
to in the References Cited of any work.  If Carl (or Karl) Mayer published
one species in a paper in which he showed himself to be Carl Mayer, and
another species in a paper showing his name as Karl Mayer-Eymar, the first
species is attributed to Mayer and the second to Mayer-Eymar.  If they are
cited in the same paper for any reason, there should be a cross reference in
the References.  In short, there is only one unique authority name for any
given taxon.  Everything else is bibliographic.

Some authors used variations that actually make our work easier.  Moriz
Hörnes and Rudolf Hoernes consistently spelled their names as shown although
they are father and son.  Makes differentiation possible without using
initials.  On the other hand, the Sowerby tribe did not go to any trouble to
differentiate among themselves although zoological taxa are attributable to
at least five of them.

dick p.

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