Nomenclator Zoologicus Volume 9 - errors in author names [ Scanned for viruses ]

Paul van Rijckevorsel dipteryx at FREELER.NL
Tue Mar 28 09:31:36 CST 2006

From: "Paul Kirk" <p.kirk at CABI.ORG>
botanists (and mycologists, algologists etc) use [...] (for just
authors of fungal names).


This looks fairly impressive. However, what I have always missed in the list
as used by IPNI is a translation of the old 'standard abbreviations' (avant
la lettre) as they were widely used in the (pre-1992) literature for a quite
limited set of the great botanists to the new standard abbreviations: e.g.
"Fr.Allem." became "Allemâo".

Is there such a list or search facility for Fungal authors?

Best, Paul

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