Paul van Rijckevorsel dipteryx at FREELER.NL
Tue Mar 28 09:33:33 CST 2006

This is great. Let me summarize:
1) it is pointed out that the world needs (wants) a consensus classification
2) it is pointed out we have a consensus classification for plants: APG II
3) Gurcharan Singh wants to replace this existing consensus classification
by one that explicitly uses ranks above the level of order. He suggests
following Thorne who has adopted eleven subclasses (which would be classes
in other systems).
4) Ken Kinman points out that there is a consensus classification available:
the Kinman system, which uses three classes. He points out that on the www
/Rosopsida/ is widely used, mostly in the sense of "eudicots".
5) Going to Google gives a top hit which uses /Rosopsida/ in the sense of
Reveal (,
where it corresponds more closely to the "core eudicots" rather than the
"eudicots". Reveal uses five classes (and eighteen subclasses).

As I said, I am fine with the consensus classification we have, APG II
(maybe I will switch to the APG II-based classification adopted in the
upcoming edition in /The plant-book/, depending on how this received)

All best, Paul

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