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Tue Mar 28 13:50:41 CST 2006

Much of the discussion seems to assume that we are faced
with 'either' 'or' decisions about classifications.  This
is not correct.  A visit to the uBio web site or its RSS
feeder reader will demonstrate the co-existence of
multiple hierarchical frameworks.  So we can create
systems that meet opposing needs.

The CU*STAR classification structure that we are building
is designed for communal ownership and multiple
co-existing classifications within a unified framework.
 This structure is still in development, but when complete
will access the full NameBank content, will engage
numerous custodians; and be synchronized to expert
sources.  Navigation will reveal alternative
classifications and users will be free to use the
classification of their choosing - just as they can do so
now with uBio's taxonomically intelligent feeder reader or
with the aggregation portal (  If
all goes well, we will be able to report on those clades
that all classifications agree on (i.e. are consensus) and
distinguish those that are noisy.  Among the latter, we
will also be able to report on which parts get widely
used, and which are bypassed.

David Patterson
MBL and uBio

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