Errors = phantom names on the Internet

George Hammond gstarrh at UMICH.EDU
Tue Mar 28 16:20:28 CST 2006

At 14:43 28.03.2006 -0500, christian thompson wrote:

> When thinking about that, I should note that I did GOOGLE this
> "phantom"
> name and got 10 hits. There was 1 for ITIS, a couple of uBio, but most
> interesting is the name is now in WikkiPedia under Pollenia as well
> as at
> the University of Michigan Animal Diversity Web site.

The UM Animal Diversity Web is using ITIS' classification for
invertebrates, so we inherited the error from them. We're aware of at
least some of the deficiencies in ITIS for these taxa, and are
working to find better sources when we can. We're constrained by
limited resources, and must rely on sources we can get electronically.

I'll delete the phantom name from our taxonomic database.


George Hammond

George S. Hammond
Editor and Content Specialist
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University of Michigan

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