Nomenclator Zoologicus Volume 9 - errors in author names

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As Chris rightly states, all recent Nomenclator Zoologicus data stems
from Zoological Record and the data included up to and including Volume
9 were issued in the 1990s.  I have been able to look at the Volume 9
data sent, and unfortunately the errors in author names are present, so
this is indeed a processing problem in the output from our internal
systems, and for which we apologise. 

As pointed out, the data was correctly captured from the original
publications and is correct in Zoological Record, so to make good, we
will reprocess and offer replacement corrected data for the affected
years from 1990 forward using our current systems. 

In the meantime, full details of names recorded in Zoological Record are
available on the newly relaunched Index to Organism Names (ION) site at with correct authorities. 

ION provides a free look up of all names recorded in Zoological Record
from 1978 forward, with a reference to the original description, and
also includes names from more recent publications included in Zoological
Record which have not yet found their way to Nomenclator Zoologicus. To
keep you up to date, a RSS feed is available for new names in a
particular group. The database will be extended later this year to cover
Zoological Record back to 1864.

Should you notice that a name is omitted from the database, please
submit details via the form on the site and we will try to ensure it is
included as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience in bearing with us as we rectify this issue.


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David, Al, et alia:

As you know NZ 9 was built from Zoological Record files.

A quick check of the first two dozen Diptera genera published in 1994
shows 5 truncations of the author name. ALL these 5 came from volume 131
of ZR. There other 19 were from other volumes, mainly 132. The original
records in the printed ZR are OK and the current online records in ZR
are OK.

Unfortunately Mike Dadd has retired, but obviously something happened
during the conversion of the volume 131 data to NZ.


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>>> David Remsen <dremsen at MBL.EDU> 03/25/06 04:37PM >>>
I did a quick check to make sure that this is a problem with the
original printed volume and not a consequence of the conversion.  I
had a brief twinge of anxiety that the conversion had gone awry and
we hadn't caught it.  To my relief it appears that the truncations
occur in the original.  Anyone finding such a record can create an
annotation record that will link to this original citation.  If it is
consistent we may try to do a more batch-oriented annotation.

It's always something.

Thank you for bringing this to light,
David Remsen

On Mar 24, 2006, at 8:43 PM, Alfred Newton wrote:

> Dear Nomenclator Zoologicus users:
> I just happened across a curious problem with many generic names in
> Vol. 9 of the printed version of Neave's Nomenclator Zoologicus,
> particularly for names dated 1992-1994, which is faithfully carried
> over into the online version of the Nomenclator at: http://
> Specifically, many of the names of authors are truncated, with the
> last 1-2 letters chopped off.  Some examples (there are multiple
> generic names for each):
> Erw 1994 should be Erwin 1994
> Ja 1994 should be Jach 1994
> Morro 1994 should be Morrone 1994
> Perki & Balfour-Browne 1994 should be Perkins & Balfour-Browne 1994
> Spring & Goodri 1994 should be Springer & Goodrich 1994
> Wa 1992 should be Watt 1992
> etc. etc.
> the winner: Declinia "Nikits Lawren, Kirejtsh & Gratsh 1993" should
> be Nikitsky, Lawrence, Kirejtshuk & Gratshev 1993!
> The problem seems to start at about 1990 and become worse until
> about half of the 1994 authors have truncated names.  So, if you
> use the Nomenclator to check a generic name and the author name(s)
> look funny, and it dates to the early 1990's, check the generic
> name on Google and you will usually find the correct full author
> name (but occasionally Google will find the truncated author name
> because the data were extracted from the Nomenclator!).
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