Errors = phantom names on the Internet

Knut Rognes knut at ROGNES.NO
Wed Mar 29 18:24:20 CST 2006

I am not sure I follow you. A researcher will find the paper Rognes 1985 (=
"A check-list of Norwegian blow-flies (Dipt., Calliphoridae). - Fauna
norvegica, Ser. B. 32, 89-93 (1985)"), but (s)he will never find the name
pseudobscura there, nor anywhere else in print Neither is it a nomen nudum.
It is nothing.
Knut Rognes

At 09:54 29.03.2006 -0500, Susan B. Farmer wrote:

>... There's always the chance that a researcher, not finding
>"Rognes 1985" will think it was a typo:  Maybe it was 1935 -- or 1986.
>Or, in the case of a name that I'm trying to track down (it is in
>Tropicos), it's an early 19th century name.
>One point that somebody else made is that yea, you can delete it from
>your database, and you can delete it from Wikipedia, but you don't know
>how many other databases it's already been entered into.  Granted, you
>have no control over what The Rest of The World does with a list of
>names, but the name *is* out there.
>I agree that the name should be retained and flagged as "phantom,"
>"bogus" or whatever label that you choose to put on it.
>Susan Farmer
>sfarmer at
>University of Tennessee
>Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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