Errors = phantom names on the Internet

Susan Farmer sfarmer at GOLDSWORD.COM
Wed Mar 29 11:57:15 CST 2006

Quoting Knut Rognes <knut at>:

> I am not sure I follow you. A researcher will find the paper Rognes
> 1985 (= "A check-list of Norwegian blow-flies (Dipt., Calliphoridae).
> - Fauna norvegica, Ser. B. 32, 89-93 (1985)"), but (s)he will never
> find the name pseudobscura there, nor anywhere else in print Neither
> is it a nomen nudum. It is nothing.

I've found more than one reference in Index Kewensis that specifies an
incorrect citation.  Sometimes it's a date; sometimes it's a volume
number.  The difference in your instance, is that you actually have an
article title to check agains.  If all you had was "Fauna norvegica,
Ser. B. 32, 89-93," and the name wasn't there, then the assumption
would be that the reference was an incorrect one -- not that the name
didn't exist.

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