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Dear John and all taxacomers

I don´t know if there is any other longer fish ladder, but I was impressed
with the one built in the State of Tocantins, Brazil. If I recall correctly,
it is about 800 meters long, about 2400 feet. However, another giant is the
so-called “Canal da Piracema” built at the Itaipu dam in the State of Paraná
 It is 8 km long, but includes ladder, natural channels and artificial
channels. It is 8 to 10 meters wide and up to 1,5 meters deep. You may want
to check http://www.itaipu.gov.br/meioa/aaqua_canal.htm. The text is in
Portuguese, but the figures are impressive!



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From: John Bruner
Date: 03/31/06 16:05:42
Subject: [TAXACOM] World's longest wood fish ladder?

Does anyone know if the wood fish ladder (1200 feet, built 1959) on the
Yukon River at Whitehorse rapids, Yukon, Canada, is still the world's
longest fish ladder?

Gordon, R. N., R. A. Crouter, & J. S. Nelson. 1960. The Fish Facilities at
the Whitehorse Rapids Power Development, Yukon Territory. Canadian Fish
Culturist. 27:1-14.

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