[Taxacom] EPDM vial stoppers (or others)

colin favret crf at uiuc.edu
Tue May 2 12:07:55 CDT 2006

I sent this last week, but maybe the switch to mailman hadn't been  
made just yet. It seems to have gotten lost in the ether (and  
apparently slipped through the holes in my ethernet).

Dear Taxacomers,
	Does anyone know of a supplier of EPDM stoppers for insect specimen  
vials? West Pharmaceuticals, our previous supplier, stopped making  
them. I know that some formulations of EPDM melt spontaneously as  
they age, but we have had much success with them and would like to  
continue using them. If we can't find a supplier, what other kinds of  
stoppers have you used and what would you recommend? For various  
reasons, using screw-cap vials or a vials-in-jar system are not  
practical. Thanks much for any advice you might have.

Cheerio, colin

Colin Favret, Insect Collection Manager
Illinois Natural History Survey
1816 S Oak Street
Champaign IL 61820, U.S.A.
crf at uiuc.edu

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