[Taxacom] Fw: Use of parentheses

Bob Mesibov mesibov at southcom.com.au
Tue May 2 17:04:02 CDT 2006

This message was sent to both the old and new Taxacom addresses but does not 
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> The score so far on replies (on and off list) is 3:2 in favour of
> Bus xus (Smith, 1900)
> where the original name is
> Aus (Bus) xus Smith, 1900.
> This brings the current total to 3:3 if you include me, since I've been 
> reasoning that Bus is a genus-group name, and since the species hasn't 
> left Bus, there is no need for parentheses. It's still not clear to me 
> from the replies so far that the Code gives unambiguous advice in this 
> case.
> As I said when I posted the query, I've seen both Bus xus Smith, 1900 and 
> Bus xus (Smith, 1900) used in my specialty group, in one case by the same 
> author. What's the situation in other parts of the taxonomic literature?
> I should add that early contributors to my group's literature (70-100 
> years ago) tended to be a bit vague on subgeneric names. These were 
> erected and defined as subgenera, but then used as genera in keys and 
> later publications. It's often very difficult to say who elevated a 
> particular subgenus to genus, and when.
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