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Bob Mesibov mesibov at southcom.com.au
Wed May 3 05:26:30 CDT 2006

Thanks to Denis Brothers for the very clear and persuasive explanation of 
sec. 51.3.2.  It certainly applies to the case where Smith (1900) described 
a new species, xus, and put it into the _existing_ subgenus Bus of genus 
Aus, thus

Aus (Bus) xus Smith, 1900 becomes Bus xus (Smith, 1900)

when Bus is elevated to genus.

However, in the case(s) I've been dealing with, Smith erected the subgenus 
Bus for the new species xus. According to sec. 43.1 of the Code,

'A name established for a taxon at either rank in the genus group is deemed 
to have been simultaneously established by the same author for a nominal 
taxon at the other rank in the group; both nominal taxa have the same type 
species, whether it was fixed originally or subsequently.'

The species xus is therefore the type of both Bus as a subgenus and Bus as a 
genus. This is why it seems to me (and at least 2 other TAXACOMers) that

Bus xus Smith, 1900

is more logical, since xus was originally placed by Smith in Bus.

Bus xus (Smith, 1900)

suggests that xus was originally placed elsewhere, and according to sec 43.1 
that isn't so.

Comment welcome.
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