[Taxacom] Use of parentheses

Richard Petit r.e.petit at worldnet.att.net
Wed May 3 07:59:36 CDT 2006

Article 43.1 treats genus-group names and in simple words states that if a 
genus/subgenus Gus White, 1800 is introduced that there is also a potential 
subgenus/genus Gus White, 1800 that has the same type species.

The species xus Smith, 1900 was proposed in the genus Aus and the fact that 
it was also placed in the subgenus Bus is irrelevant.  It is the genus Aus 
in which it was originally proposed.  Smith did not also create a nominal 
species "Bus xus."

Send an email to the ICZN Secretariat for the official position.

dick p. 

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