[Taxacom] Scientific Latin translations

Stinger Stinger at stingersplace.com
Sun May 7 17:49:10 CDT 2006

		If Mark's post is anything like spam, it is
the extremely rare piece that people here should want .  It is
great that Mark does this. He's exceptionally competent,
reasonable,  fast and  reliable.



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Date: Fri, 5 May 2006 15:56:45 -0400

From: Mark Garland

Subject: [Taxacom] Scientific Latin translations

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Let me apologize for inaugurating the new Taxacom setup with a spammy


For the last 10 years I've offered my services on the Web as a

translator of descriptions of new species of plants, algae, and fungi

from English into Latin.


Now I'm expanding my services to include translations of any kind of

scientific Latin--zoological, biomedical, geological--into English.

My web site at http://botanicallatin.org has more information.

*Are the Taxacom archives changing their URL?


Scientific Latin Translations

Mark A. Garland

P. O. Box 856

Micanopy, Florida 32667


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