[Taxacom] Homonym of animal in protozoa

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David Remsen at uBIO is the person best placed to compile a list of
genus-level homonyms. I am hoping to do so shortly. From data available on
the Species 2000 Annual checklists and elsewhere, there are at least 5,400
genus-level homonyms amongst Animalia, Plantae and Fungi. So, not a trivial
issue once you start creating portals that search checklists across
different kingdoms.

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I thank everyone for the information they supplied.  I have notified the the
most noted specialist for this phylum and hope that that person will publish
a new name.

Since the Neave data has been put on the web [list of most animal genera
described] and the plant genera have a web site [at the Smithsonian I
believe], has anyone compared the two lists to see how many of the generic
names are duplicated.  I guess we should not forget about the bacterial

Joel Hallan
Austin, Texas

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