[Taxacom] Homonym of animal in protozoa

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Given the fact that there are only about 100 homonyms which affect
prokaryotes this sounds like a fairly realistic figure. We (the
Bacteriological Code) now ban the creation of any new homonyms, It is,
unfortunately not always easy to find complete lists of names, but we do
our best, making reference to ING, Index Fungorum, Zoological Record
listings. Microcyclus is a known homonym under the Bacteriological Code and
is illegtimate, the name which has replaced it is Ancylobacter. Some other
homonyms know in prokaryote nomenclature have also been replaced (Pirella
-> Pirellula).

At 09:40 08.05.06 -0500, Thomas G. Lammers wrote:
>At 09:22 AM 5/8/2006, Charles Hussey wrote:
>>David Remsen at uBIO is the person best placed to compile a list of
>>genus-level homonyms. I am hoping to do so shortly. From data available on
>>the Species 2000 Annual checklists and elsewhere, there are at least 5,400
>>genus-level homonyms amongst Animalia, Plantae and Fungi. So, not a trivial
>>issue once you start creating portals that search checklists across
>>different kingdoms.
>Somewhere (probably when BioCode was being debated, perhaps even here) I 
>came across the fact that there were just seven generic names common to all 
>three Codes: Catenococcus, Kingella, Microcyclus, Moorella, Morganella, 
>Rhodococcus, Rothia.
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