[Taxacom] Homonym of animal in protozoa

Yde de Jong yjong at science.uva.nl
Thu May 11 05:52:19 CDT 2006

Dear Joel

To your information some metazoa figures of Fauna Europaea (including 
all European land and freshwater animals):

At a total number of 129.636 accepted species names we found:

- 50 homonym pairs at the species level, but only 12 homonym pairs 
remain when you include the authorship in the duplication check. All 
homonym pairs appear within a same family and could be sorted out as 
'senior homonyms' and 'junior homonyms'.

At a total of 21.987 accepted (sub)genus names we found:
- 4 generic homonyms, of which only one appear within a same family. 
One homonym pair having the same author as well.

Kind regards,

Yde de Jong

Fauna Europaea: http://www.faunaeur.org

>I have found a generic name in one of the animal phyla that is also 
>found in one of the Protozoan phyla [Granuloreticulosa 
>[Foraminifera]]. How do the rules governing homonyms apply here? 
>What difference would it have made if it were in the Chlorophyta?
>Please note the new URL for the web site below:
>Joel Hallan
>Austin, Texas

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