[Taxacom] Taxacom mail as SPAM

Beach, James H beach at ku.edu
Fri May 12 12:30:44 CDT 2006

We've noticed the problem some Taxacom users are experiencing with their
mail hosting service classifying Taxacom mail as spam.  This seems to be
the case with users of yahoo.com mail, and others.  
Spam filters evolve independently as commercial and institutional mail
servers are updated to respond to new spamming methods. The descriptive
characters and values that define "spam" versus "not-spam" are often not
made available for obvious reasons. 
The easiest way to deal with this is to put Taxacom in your list of
approved senders in your e-mail program rules.
(Yahoo mail users see:
If anyone can isolate the mail header lines in Taxacom messages that
they have received which show why your particular filter committed a
Type I error and classified a Taxacom message as spam, we would be glad
to have a copy of those spam filter lines, to see if we can compensate
by making adjustments in the format of the outbound Taxacom mail.  We
will continue to look into the experience with this on other Mailman
Jim B.
James H. Beach
Biodiversity Research Center
University of Kansas
1345 Jayhawk Boulevard
Lawrence, KS 66045, USA
T 785 864-4645, F 785 864-5335


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