[Taxacom] FNA treatment of Dodecatheon (Primulaceae)

James Reveal jlreveal at starband.net
Sat May 13 12:55:55 CDT 2006

Dear Colleagues:

A draft treatment of Dodecatheon (Primulaceae) for Flora of North 
America north of Mexico (volume 8) is available for comment. See 
http://www.life.umd.edu/emeritus/reveal/pbio/fna/dodecatheon.html. This 
generic arrangement follows a decision by FNA to recognize Dodecatheon 
rather than include the genus within Primula. A paper by A. R. Mast & 
Reveal dealing with the new combinations in Primula will appear in a 
forthcoming issue of Brittonia. The paper validating D. austrofrigidum 
K. L. Chambers will appear in the next issue of Sida; the new 
combinations required for Dodecatheon will appear (pending review) in 
the Nov/Dec issue of Sida.

Comments, corrections, etc. are welcome.

James L. Reveal

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