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The Web site Res Botanica hosts the Correspondence of G. W. Clinton
1865-1878, edited by P. M. Eckel, Research Associate at the Buffalo
Museum of Science and also the Missouri Botanical Garden. This
correspondence consists of about 2200 letters archived at the Buffalo
Museum of Science that were written to George W. Clinton, son of
canal-builder DeWitt Clinton, by fellow botanists in the mid-late-1800. 
Of these, letters from E. Atwater, A. Gray, P. von Kuehlewein, L.
Lesquereux, C. Mohr, and C. Peck have been transcribed, with historical
comments by Eckel, and have been placed online. 
We announce that the letters of Rhoda Waterbury are now online at
Waterbury was one of many amateur botanists participating in the
burgeoning study of the North American flora at a critical time in
botanical and American history. Her story is of considerable interest.
Eckel has been Editor of the Clinton Papers for the past ten years and
continues with the support of John Grehan, Director of Science and
Collections, and Kathy Leacock, Curator of Collections, in Buffalo. 
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