[Taxacom] New monkey from Brazil

pierre deleporte pierre.deleporte at univ-rennes1.fr
Thu May 18 07:24:02 CDT 2006

At 03:05 18/05/2006 +0200, Laurent Raty wrote :

>you cannot deposit the illustration
>in a collection and pretend you have deposited a type specimen.
>(You could do this with hairs, skin, or a blood sample.)

even worse I think : my primatologist colleagues in the lab routinely 
extract DNA from fresh ape feces collected in the field (epithelial cells 
are expulsed with feces).
there seems to be no "ethical" excuse for not picking just some droppings 
of the animal and fix or dry them - it can only come from ignorance of the 
elementary relevant techniques

but DNA and no picture would also be quite poor collecting practice


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