[Taxacom] Australian Research Council-funded PhD scholarship at RBG Sydney

Karen Wilson Karen.Wilson at rbgsyd.nsw.gov.au
Thu May 18 22:50:27 CDT 2006

Posted on behalf of Darren Crayn:

Australian Research Council-funded PhD scholarship

An opportunity exists for an outstanding candidate to undertake
Australian Research Council-funded research toward a PhD at the Botanic
Gardens Trust in Sydney. This molecular based project will be part of a
larger research program investigating the role of long distance
dispersal (LDD) in the evolution of the Australian and southwest Pacific
flora. The project combines phylogenetic and population genetic studies,
paleoecology and biogeography with the development of innovative
statistical and modeling tools. 
The PhD study will focus on the biogeography and phylogeography of two
genera with south west Pacific distribution within the plant family
Cunoniaceae (Geissois and Acsmithia), and will involve the use of a
range of advanced molecular and analytical approaches as well as some
field work in tropical rainforests of the southwestern Pacific. 

The project will be a critical component of a broader comparative study
aimed at reconstructing the evolutionary histories of co-distributed
lineages to estimate the relative importance of vicariance and dispersal
in the southwestern Pacific flora. This biogeographic project involves
collaborations with research teams at the University of Adelaide
(Adelaide, Australia), the University of Queensland (Brisbane,
Australia), Massey University (Auckland, New Zealand) and the Royal
Botanic Gardens Edinburgh (UK). 

The scholarship for this three year studentship exceeds the ongoing
Australian Postgraduate Award rate. Applications for the scholarship
will be accepted from now until the position is filled. 

For further information please contact: 
maurizio.rossetto at rbgsyd.nsw.gov.au (tel. +61 2 9231 8337) or 
darren.crayn at rbgsyd.nsw.gov.au (tel. +61 2 9231 8181) 

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