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I went to a meeting of the Classification Society and took the pre-meeting cluster analysis tutorial. At question time, I asked the guys running the tutorial (the then president of the Society, and Pierre Legendre) if they thought maximum parsimony was a clustering technique.

They looked at each other disconcertedly, mumbled, then allowed as how, yes, it was. I did get the feeling that they were indulging in some hegemonizing, but they have a point. Cladograms are not ultrametric, but certainly cluster. Given the many kinds of cluster analysis (compare k-means), why not?

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I have heard (and used) it in discussions with pals and colleagues -- generally in situations where the rules of formal syntax and diction were, er, relaxed.  But it is a good word ("taxon A clades with taxon B in this cladistic analysis"), on the model of "taxon C clusters with taxon D in this cluster analysis."  Cladistic analysis is not a clustering procedure, so it is incorrect to use the verb "to cluster" in that context.  I also like the word (did I coin it, or just dream that I did?) "concladal" -- meaning, obviously, "belonging to the same clade."  It follows the model of "congeneric" and "confamilial" but without attribution of any particular taxonomic rank.
  Barry Roth

Don.Colless at csiro.au wrote:
Dear Ken,

You have, I think, just created linguistic history. I'm not aware of any previous use of the verb "to clade". As Dr Johnson might have said "A good word, Sir".

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