[Taxacom] Help with Iberian, Canarian Spanish

Michael A. Ivie mivie at montana.edu
Sat May 27 18:18:20 CDT 2006

*Thanks to all who have sent help with the use of Verodes in Spanish.  A 
little more clarification.  The words Verodes and its seeming singular 
Verodes do not appear in the "Diccionaro de la lengua espaƱola del Real 
Academia EspaƱola."  Spanish is an Academy language, and a word is not a 
Spanish word if the Academy does not recognize it.  I have looked 
through some 22 Spanish dictionaries without finding this word.  The use 
of verode for a species of plant in the Canary islands, and its origin 
from aboriginal Canarian does not make it a Spanish word.  The 
Zoological Code requires that the word be from a European language in 
order to use that fact to establish gender.  Canarian is not a European 
language, but related to Berber of North Africa (a simple look at the 
map also eliminates Canarian as a European language, does it not?).

I have one reference that indicates that Verodes is used for clumps of 
plants between roof tiles in Spain, but this is a web site, and can 
hardly be considered authoritative.  If I can establish this usage as 
correct, however, I can use the justification.  Thus, I need an Iberian 
to confirm or refute this usage as a borrow word in actual Spanish.

Thanks to all who have helped, I am farther now than I was, and that is 
a great help.



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