[Taxacom] Life in the undergrowth by attenborough

Donat Agosti agosti at amnh.org
Mon May 29 05:03:30 CDT 2006

I am not sure, whether Attenborough's BBC series on invertebrates 'Life in
the Undergrowth' has been mentioned here at taxacom. But even if, it's such
an exciting series, that it's worth it again.

This is certainly the best and most exciting movie on invertebrates with
stunning shots, details on the biology of many species and macrophotography
which even I as a specialist haven't seen. Rarely in my live, I would be
watching movies during my precious business hours. I would even dare to say,
that this is one of the best movies on animal life, indeed, it makes you
addicted to invertebrates and their private lives. 


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