[Taxacom] Thank you - Information on obtaining collecting permits for Peru

Mary Barkworth Mary at biology.usu.edu
Mon May 29 10:32:35 CDT 2006

I thank all those who responded to my inquiry about obtaining collecting
permits for Peru, both on and offline, and for the offers of assistance.
For anyone else interested, I quote from a message from Dr. Martin
Timana of Lima, Peru:
The most logical starting point is by visiting INRENA (Peru's Natural
Resources Institute) website on this matter:
<http://www.inrena.gob.pe/iffs/iffs_biodiv_estud_cientif.htm>  (select:
"Requisitos para realizar investigación fuera de ANPES", a zip file in

Be warned that collecting processing time may take up to six months.  

Associate Professor of Biology and 
Director, Intermountain Herbarium
Utah State University
5305 Old Main Hill
Logan, Utah 84322-5305

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