[Taxacom] Nothofagus association with mushrooms of the genus Amanita

Dr. Rodham E. Tulloss retamanita at comcast.net
Mon May 29 19:25:08 CDT 2006

I have been revising Amanita of Argentina and Chile for some time. 
Several sections of the genus are not known from native forest and taxa 
from other sections  are either quite rare or rarely collected.  I 
reviewed the literature in my library concerning association of Amanita 
and Nothofagus in southern South America, and then compared this data 
with the excellent date published by Ridley in his study on Amanita in 
New Zealand.  Searching through books and journal articles on Amanita in 
Australia, I did not come upon mention of collections made where 
Nothofagus was present.  I am very interested to know of published work 
that reliably associates Amanita species with Nothofagus species in 
Australia.  Likewise, I am seeking articles that reliably link Amanita 
species with Nothofagus species in New Caledonia and New Guinea.

I thank in advance those who take the time to advise me on these questions.


Rod Tulloss

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