[Taxacom] new GBIF dataportal

Faunaplan at aol.com Faunaplan at aol.com
Sat Aug 4 15:07:53 CDT 2007

Dear All,
someone lost a European beetle collection in the Indian Ocean between Africa 
and Madagascar?
Don't worry, GBIF got them! Just check occurrence data of Broscus cephalotes, 
Badister bipustulatus, Leistus ferrugineus, Calathus fuscipes, Elaphrus 
cupreus, etc....

But a more serious question:
GBIF is heading towards full operation. The new data portal launched July 2nd 
is a wonderful piece of programming work which gives us a vision of what we 
can expect.
If only that massive lot of errors and wrong interpretations could be 
Wouldn't it be better if someone look at the data before they are put in the 
public domain?

And, in my mind, a "data steward" could provide another useful information: 
give an estimate of how complete/ incomplete the data are... 

Best wishes,
Wolfgang Lorenz
Faunistics & Environmental Planning
Hoermannstr. 4
D-82327 Tutzing

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