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 I just replied to John off-list and now, reading Richard's
contribution, I realise that I had got hold of the wrong end of the
stick (so to speak).

There are several software products that cope with image stacks. The one
that I use (again, for microscope images) is Helicon Focus

Here is my original reply, that may also be of interest:

Dear John,

Might this be the Photosynth project being developed by Microsoft?


and a presentation given at TED


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I remember the exchange but not the company.

I tried photographing a microscopic item at different optical sections,
then combined the lot into an animated GIF, supposing that fast flipping
would artificially deepen the optical section and make a kind of 3D
image in the brain. Didn't work, but might be my brain's fault. Good
luck with this and I hope it works somehow.

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> One of the lists I am on sent out a post in the last six months that I

> cannot relocate.  Although this list is not the most likely choice, I 
> am asking anyway.  Please forgive my request.
> The poster listed a software company that had a relatively inexpensive

> program that allowed combining multiple photos of the same object into

> one image.  It effectively allowed you to take multiple shots at 
> vastly different focal points and then put all of
> them into a single image.   The reference to this company was not the
> main focus of the post but was almost an aside.
> Ring any bells???
> John
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