[Taxacom] stripe tailed ape double

john_laduke at und.nodak.edu john_laduke at und.nodak.edu
Tue Aug 7 15:55:20 CDT 2007

Here is one for you systematics out there:  In bridge there is a play 
called a Stripe Tailed Ape double.  As a botanist, I am not qualified 
to speculate what that animal is/was.  Can anyone suggest a 


Striped-Tailed Ape: A Striped-Tailed Ape Double is a tactic used in 
high-level competitive auctions. A player who is sure that the 
opponents have a slam doubles them in game (or at the five-level), 
hoping they settle for the lesser score. If they redouble, he runs 
(as a striped-tailed ape) to his side's suit, hoping the sacrifice is 
cheap enough.
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