[Taxacom] Lithostrotia (a family level clade)

Ken Kinman kinman at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 9 21:17:19 CDT 2007

Dear All,
     I was looking at a clade of dinosaurs called Lithostrotia, and a google 
search showed GBIF with an entry at the Genus level (among "unconfirmed" 
taxa), along with a lot of other weird entries at Genus level, including 
fishes, fish, feather, etc.  I guess Genus (unconfirmed) is a catchall for a 
bunch of miscellaneous clades and other taxa (including class level 
groupings like "fishes").

     Anyway, Lithostrotia is clearly a family level taxon, which includes 
Saltasaurinae Negemtosaurinae, and possibly Opisthocoelicaudiinae.  The 
clade name Lothostrotia appears to be completely invalid under the 
Zoological Code (not typified and with an improper suffix).  How should GBIF 
and other databases deal with such clade names (there will be many of them 
generated by PhyloCode).

    Personally, I would probably list Lithostrotia as a synonym of Family 
Saltasauridae.  PhyloCodists on the other hand want to name virtually every 
conceivable clade, and want to abandon the Linnaean hierarchy altogether.  
So how should non-PhyloCode databases deal with clade names like 
Lithostrotia, especially those that are clearly family level taxa?
   -----Ken Kinman

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