[Taxacom] Life's origins (Half life of DNA in ancient ice)

Thomas Lammers lammers at uwosh.edu
Sun Aug 12 07:16:21 CDT 2007

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From: Ken Kinman 
>>This definitely throws into even more serious doubt the suggestions (by NASA scientists and others) that life on Earth was "seeded" from other planets by way of meteorites.   ... Therefore, it has always seemed to me more parsimonious that life 
evolved in situ on early Earth, and panspermia hypotheses are extremely improbable, fanciful science fiction that makes little physico-chemical  sense. <<

My take on panspermia is that really is a non-answer.  Even if life arrived on earth rather than originating autochthonously, it doesn't answer the question of how life began.  It simply removes it to another stage.  We STILL have to determine how the processes called Life developed, WHEREVER that was.

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