[Taxacom] Bird supertree -- open source phylogenetics

Roderic Page r.page at bio.gla.ac.uk
Fri Aug 17 05:46:01 CDT 2007

We are building a bird supertree, and would like your help. Katie  
Davis ( PhD student in my lab ) has  assembled a large number of  
source trees, constructed an MRP matrix, and has put online a first,  
very crude supertree.

As an experiment we invite anybody interested to download the data  
and try their hand at building a supertree. We provide a form for  
uploading any supertrees that result, and a simple viewer to help  
navigate a tree of this size online.

Our hope is to encourage a competition to find the "best" supertree.  
Participants will get credit in the resulting paper.

For more details please visit http://linnaeus.zoology.gla.ac.uk/ 



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